Incremental Modular Angle Encoders 

ERA - Angle Encoder by Heidenhain
The ERA 180 modular rotary encoder consists of a solid steel scale drum, scanning unit and optional protective cover. The graduation is located on the circumference of the cylindrical scale drum and is scanned with reflected light.

Axial movements up to 0.5 mm ( 0.02 in.) in the drive shaft therefore have no effect on measuring accuracy. The ERA 180 permits shaft speeds up to 40 000 rpm. It is often mounted directly on high-speed ballscrews and spindles.

The ERM incremental modular rotary encoder with magnetic scanning is mechanically compatible with the ERA and more tolerant to contamination, however with lower accuracy.


  ERA 180
Incremental signals  1 VPP
Accuracy To 3"
Hub inside diameter D1 40 mm 80 mm 120 mm 180 mm*
Outside diameter D2 80 mm 130 mm 180 mm 250 mm
Mech. permissible speed 40 000 rpm 25 000 rpm 18 000 rpm 13 000 rpm
* ERA 180: on request up to 512 mm dia. and 2" accuracy


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