Incremental Modular Angle Encoders 

ERO 725 Angle Encoders
The ERO 725 modular angle encoder is typically used where installation space is limited, a large inner hole is required, or where all friction must be avoided.

The attainable accuracy depends on the concentricity of the graduation to the drive shaft bearing as well as the wobble and the radial runout of the bearing.


  ERO 725
Incremental signals 11 APP
Accuracy Graduated disk: 1"
Line counts 9000/18000/36000
Recommended measuring steps 0.005 to 0.0005
Hub inside diameter D1 47.2 mm 102.2 mm 155.1 mm
Outside diameter D2 130 mm 182 mm 256.9 mm
Mech. permissible speed 8000 rpm 6000 rpm 4000 rpm


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