ProMax Electronic Caliper

ProMax-Cal electronic calipers, recently introduced by Fowler, include all the fine features of our Ultra-Cal III, including Sylvac's new patented, high accuracy capacitive sensor and the addition of a thumb wheel for easy positioning...

"By having a direct RS-232 output, and the ability to hook directly to a PC with no interface, makes this caliper a worthwhile and cost-saving choice...

TAL Technologies

Fowler ProMax Caliper Features:
Inside, outside, depth & step measurement
Accuracy .001" (.02mm); resolution .0005" (.01mm)
Repeatability 1 digit 10um +/-2 sigma
Hardened stainless steel construction
Internal top cross jaw
Temperature range 5 -- 40c working
Incremental floating zero
Direct inch/metric conversion
Measuring, tracking speed of 60"/second
Large, high contrast digital display
Hold feature freezes display for later viewing
Includes a 3/4" (20mm) clamping shaft
Low drain, high efficiency lithium wafer battery
4500 hrs. of continuous on time
Direct RS-232C output -- No interface needed!
Furnished in fitted cases

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