0-1 Micrometer

Recently Introduced by Fowler, these are master Micrometers of the highest accuracy. This stylishly designed tool is modestly priced and has some new ergonomic features.

Unlike most micrometers, these units allow for one handed operation by moving the ratchet to the main spindle. The result is all the benefits of a friction thimble mic, with the positive feel of a ratchet style.

Fowler Ultra-Mic Features:

Unique ratchet design allows one- hand operation
Large insulated plates prevent temperature changes
Easy to read graduations on satin chrome barrel
Positive spindle lock to hold measurements
Measuring standard included with 1
2" and 23" sizes

Replaceable tips for special measuring functions
Graduation of 0.0001"
Furnished in fitted cases with certificate of accuracy
Accurate within +/- 0.0001"


Available in sizes up to 3", the Ultra-Mic Series combines old world craftsmanship with the lowest price. All Ultra micrometers are supplied with a NIST calibration cert in accordance with ISO9002 specification

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