Fowler Universal ID/OD Gage

The new Fowler Bowers Universal Measuring Gage is ideal for the quick and accurate measurement of inside and outside diameters, threads, slots, gears, recesses, grooves, tapers and splines.
The large variety of accessories are easily and quickly interchanged, allowing precise measurements of virtually any type of workpiece, especially large, difficult to measure ones. A unique spring load system combined with a min/max electronic unit allow repetitive measurements everytime.
Universal Gage Features:

Internal and external measurement.
Large measuring range. (to 5 meters)
Constant measuring pressure.
Digital or mechanical readout.
Large range of accessories.
Anvil travel of .590" (15mm).
Min/Max/TIR measuring modes
0.00005" (0.001mm) resolution
SPC Direct RS232 output
LED Tolerance indication
270 Degree Rotating display
Two individual datum presets

A wide variety of standard measuring points and anvils can be fitted to the Universal Gage. Custom anvils are available upon request to suit any gaging problem.

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