Trimos Height Master Gage

Made in Switzerland by Trimos, the Height Master Gage is available in four models -- inch and metric -- 25" or 650mm and 41" or 1050mm. With the todays demand for frequent test certifications, the Height Master is used for final checking in the laboratory, production or on the shop floor.

A rugged, stabilized housing protects the patented measuring column. With hard chrome plated measuring faces for topside and underside checking, the unit stands on three supporting pads made of hardened stainless steel, ground and lapped.

Height Master Features:

Eliminates gage block "stacking" errors
Greatly speeds up inspection work
Patented co-planar lapped measuring faces
Side handles for easy portability
Can be used for Height Gage Calibration
Includes inspection certificate & warranty

The Trimos Height Master was developed to meet the high quality requirements of international ISO-9000 & Q-9000 standards.

Shown checking a Trimos Vertical III electronic height gage, the Height Master is the ideal system for calibrating and inspecting any type of height gage found in the shop, thus saving much expense on outside calibration costs.

Specifications 53-186-025 & 600 53-186-041 & 100
Measuring range 0 -- 25" (0 -- 650mm) 0 -- 41" (0 -- 1050mm)
Parallelism of faces .000048" (1.2pm) .00006" (1.5pm)
Measuring uncertainty .00008" (2pm) .00012" (3pm)
Weight 57.2 lbs. (26kg) 79.2 lbs. (36kg)

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