Fowler/Trimos Height Micrometer

 Made in Switzerland by Trimos SA, the internationally recognized leader in height measurement, the THM Height Micrometer combines high accuracy, durability and long life into a simple, easy to use, reliable instrument.

Applications & Advantages:

  • Eliminates errors which result from "stacking" gage blocks
  • For direct and transfer measurements.
  • For squareness checking.
  • Set internal and external instruments such as micrometers, bore and snap gages, etc.
  • Eliminates errors and speeds up work.

THM Height Micrometer Features:

Easy to read display works off of the non-rotating column
Read direct to .0001" and easy interpolation to .000050"
No verniers, "half-way" digits or error producing factors.
Exceptional accuracy. Maximum deviation = +.00006"
Maximum spindle deviation = +.00004" (0.001mm)
Patented design has three sets of steps in one column
The column consists of 12 steps spaced 1" (25mm) apart
Each step has a top and bottom face in the same plane
Hard chrome (68RC) lapped steps extend out .472"
Rugged cast iron housing with 3 carbide lapped base pads
Includes inspection certificate and dust cover and fitted case

 Triple the life of other gages...
Because the Trimos THM Micrometer uses a patented 3 face column, in the event that a set of measuring faces is scratched or damaged it can easily be rotated by a technician to one of the other two sets of measuring faces. This gives the Trimos THM Height Micrometer triple the life of the competition.

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