Trimos Vertical III

X/Y & Height Measuring System

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Trimos, the world leader in precision vertical and horizontal measuring machines, the Trimos Vertical III measuring system brings state of the art technology to vertical gauging and obsoletes all other makes of linear height units.

The heart of the system is the patented Sylvac non-contact capacitive scale system; there are no glass scales, racks or encoders to break down or wear out. Ideal for the most rugged shop environments, the Sylvac system is insensitive to magnetic and electrical interference, oil, dust, dirt and RF noise.

The Vertical III also provides for 2-Coordinate XY measuring by rotating the measured part 90. This mode allows for the "Vertical III" to perform 80% of the work of a CMM for a fraction of the price, and minimal size, space and training requirements.

By utilizing a simple to use operator interface and a "learn" programming mode, complex measuring sequences can be accomplished by even unskilled operators. Tolerancing can be part of the part program, and all values, including out of tolerance condition can be printed out or downloaded to PC via RS-232.


The Vertical III makes all these measurements...

Surface to Surface
Surface to Centerline
Centerline to Centerline
Internal and External Diameters
Groove and Slot
Depth and Flushness
Squareness Measurements
Coordinate Measurements
XY Radius and Angle
XY P.C.D Measurement

Trimos Vertical III Features:

0.00001"/0.0001"/0.001" Selectable Resolution
Bright EL Display for easy viewing
2 Measuring Reference Datums
Full Presetting capability
Direct mm/Inch Conversion
Incremental floating Zero point
Setting and Display of Tolerance Limits
Min/Max/TIR Measuring Mode
Program - Learn - Auto Mode
XY Coordinate Measuring Mode
Squareness Measuring Mode
Full Printout Capabilities
Compact and Versatile instrument
Completely Self Contained - Battery operated
Direct RS-232 output

Vertical III Model Specifications
Model Number #54-190-300 #54-190-777 #54-190-788
Range: 0-12" (0-300mm) 0-24" (0-600mm) 0-40" (0-1000mm)
Resolution: .00001"/.0001"/.001" .00001"/.0001"/.001" .00001"/.0001"/.001"
Repeatability: 0.0001" (0.001mm) 0.0001" (0.001mm) 0.0001" (0.001mm)
Accuracy: .0001" .0002" .0004"
Max. Speed: 40"/Second 40"/Second 40"/Second
Measure Pressure: Adj .4-3N Adj .7-3N Adj .7-3N
Squareness: .0002" .0004" .0005"
Operating Temp: 10-40 Deg. C 10-40 Deg. C 10-40 Deg. C
Weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg) 63 lbs. (28 kg) 76 lbs. (34 kg)
Data Output: RS232-C RS232-C RS232-C

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