Fowler - Wyler Clino 2000

State of The Art in Leveling Technology

Fowler introduces the new Clino 2000 series level system. The Clino 2000 incorporates the latest developments in digital levels by combing a highly accurate sensor with a large display and easy to use operation.

The Clino 2000 allows any leveling units to be measured and the embedded program includes common leveling and calibration functions such as reversal point measurement. It is built in a rugged stainless housing with prismatic, hand scraped, measuring bases.

Clintotronic 2000 Features:

Highest precision over the large measuring range of 45
Integrated temperature compensation.
Zero adjustment by using integrated software and reversal measurement.
Large, easy to read digital display.
Possibility to connect additional sensors for differential measurement.
Built-in cross vial for easy alignment.
State of the Art digital technology.
Fulfills the strict CE requirements (noise immunity).
Powered by common 1.5 V batteries.
RS-485 & RS-232C Serial output.

Technical Specifications:
Measuring range 45 Arc.Degree Standard 10, 30, 60 Degree Special
Calibration Built-in software and calibration aids 21 Calibration Points
Settling time Value available after: <5 Seconds
Resolution Depending on units set 5 Sec. of arc (= 0.025 mm/m)
Limits of error (R.O.)=Readout Error <5 Sec. of arc + 0.07% R.O.
Data connection Special cables RS 485 Asynchronous
Temp. range Operating
0 to 40C.
-20 to 70 C
Housing (Weight) Stainless steel 150 x 150 x 35 mm (3 kg)

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