Fowler - Wyler LevelMeter 2000

Stand-Alone or Differential Level Display

The Levelmeter 2000 allows a number of possible configurations and may be used as a handheld terminal for Zerotronic sensors or other digital Wyler instruments. The Levelmeter 2000 features a large digital display and can be configured for all common inclination measurements using simple built-in programs.

LevelMeter 2000 Features:
Two individual measuring channels for:
Single display of channel A, or B
Differential mode (A - B)
Alternating display of the channels A, B every 5 sec.
Large LED digital display, sealed keyboard.
Built-in program for all common inclination measurements.
Auto setting of absolute zero when using reversal measurement.
Preset function of angles and setting of relative zero.
Setting of limits and signaling the respective status.
Exporting the measured values via RS232 port.
Calibration terminal for ZEROTRONIC sensors.

Technical Specifications:
Power: 4 x Size AA 1,2 V
Ext Supply: +12... +48 V DC
Batteries: 250 mW
Output Data: RS 485

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5 Year Warranty