Wyler Electronic Inclination Sensors
and Level Measuring Systems

Fowler offers the world's most advanced line of precision levels. Manufactured by Wyler, the Swiss masters of level design, these Electronic Levels are self-contained, ultra-precision systems that utilize the patented Wyler pendulum mechanism. This system dramatically improves the level's sensitivity and accuracy. Readouts direct to .000005" per 10" (.1 arc seconds) can be achieved.

Precision spirit levels
Electronic precision inclinometers and levelling devices
Inclination systems for angles, lines and surfaces
Machine tool, and surface plate calibration systems
High quality measuring squares and straight edges
Manufacturing of special high precision level systems

Principle of Operation:

The measuring principle is based on a friction free suspended disc of mass weighing less than 1 gram. Two electrodes together with the disc supported between them represent a differential capacitor. Changes of capacitance resulting because of disc displacement when the unit is inclined are detected by counting the frequency and after suitable evaluation are displayed in the selected units.

Completely friction free pendulum support in conjunction with damping by air displacement provide excellent accuracy in respect of repetition and hysteresis as well as rapid availability of values.

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Self Contained Electronic Levels

Remote Inclination Sensors and Readouts

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