Fowler - Wyler MiniLevel NT

NT = New Technology in Digital Inspection Levels

The new Minilevel NT is well suited for precision measurements of small angles.

Primary applications are the flatness measurement of surface plates as well as the measurement of geometrical errors (pitch and roll) of machine tools.

Multiple Minilevels can be combined together to create a differential leveling system eliminating vibration and outside influences.

MiniLevel NT Features:

Large LED digital display, 2 sensitivities can be selected.
Precise zero point adjustment is possible by using the push buttons.
Rugged aluminum housing for protection against external influences.
State of the art digital technology.
Allows data output in digital or analogue form.
Connection to the LEVELMETER 2000
Can be used with flatness measurement software LEVELSOFT
Power supply with common 1.5 V - batteries.
Fulfills the CE requirements (Immunity against electromagnetic noise)
All MIL standard measuring bases are available.
Available with calibration in sec. of arc or in inclination (p/m/m).

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