Optical Profile Projector

Fowler is pleased to introduce it's new Optical Profile Projector, which brings non-contact measurement at a very economical price.


Features include:

Slotted workstage for easy fixturing
Large 7" x 4" Measuring Area
Inch/metric scales with zeroing
Green lens filter for reduced eyestrain
Compact Benchtop Design
10x Lens (20x to 50x Optional)
14" Diameter Screen with Chart Clips
Fiber Optic Surface Illumination
Digital Angle Measurement

Easy Setup and Use:

Our Profile Projector comes ready use right out of the box, and includes our Fowler/Sylvac electronic scales with .0005" 0.01mm resolution mounted directly on the workstage. Simply plug it in and start measuring!

All operating controls are mounted directly on the front panel, allowing for easy access and use.


General Specifications
Type Bench standing with horizontal light path
Screen Rotating 14" diameter inclined at 75 Deg to horizontal with hood
Image Inverted
Power supply 110V 60Hz (220-240V 50Hz Optional)
Weight 132 lbs.
Measuring range Horizontal (X) axis travel 7" x vertical (Y) axis travel 4"
Surface area 13" x 4" with 1 slot for mounting accessories
Movement Manual with fine screw adjustment and quick release on X axis
Measurement Elec. digital scales with .0005"/.01mm resolution and LCD displays
Lens mount Single - screw clamping with focus adjustment by hand wheel
Lens magnification 10X (20X - 25X - 50X - 100X optional)
Focusing By hand wheel
Optical accuracy Profile - 0.05% / Surface - 0.1%
Helix adjustment +/- 7 Degrees
Light source Profile illumination - 12V 100w
Light source Surface illumination - 12v 100w by twin fibre optics

Magnification Specifications
Magnification 10X 20X 25X 50X 100X
Field of view 1.34 .67 .53 .27 .13
Working distance 3.17 1.52 1.1 .57 1.18
Max. work diameter 6.9 3.94 2.75 1.30 3.3
Max. work diameter 6.9 5.9 3.7 1.7 3.62

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