Fowler Surveillance Masters

Fast Easy Accurate

Now eliminate guesswork and costly downtime. Fowler has designed two complete sets containing everything you will need to calibrate your own calipers or micrometers.

Each set comes with a NIST calibration certificate, and full calibration procedures and measuring instructions...

Made in the USA of the finest quality materials and construction, each of these kits include -

NIST traceable calibration certificates
Calibration Procedures conforming to-
ISO 9002, ISO/IEC Guide 25
Mil - Std 45662A
ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1-1994
ISO 10012-1
Foam Storage Case

Caliper Calibration Set

Used for checking outside, inside jaws
Can be used for jaw parallelism
Lapped faces accurate to 0.0002"
Black oxidized steel for non-corrosion
1 - 6" Range in 1" increments for outside
1 - 4.5" Range for inside jaws
Comes with NIST calibration certificate

Caliper Calibration Set
Used as a tool crib master or QC Standard
Check load and accuracy of micrometers
Can be used for checking Snap Gages
Constructed of solid stainless steel
Anodized base with dimensions marked
0 -1" Range in NIST calibrated increments
Fully hardened and ground
Precision Lapped to 0.0001" Accuracy
Comes with NIST calibration certificate

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