SurfCorder SE1700

Universal Surface Roughness Instrument

We are proud to introduce a highly advanced and compact multi- function surface finish and form measuring instrument that Roughness Tester
can meet all criteria required by manufacturing and research concerns, in a truly comprehensive Surface Analyzer at a realistic price.
The very accurate and compact Fowler Surfcorder SE1700 incorporates a unique 'touch' screen multi-layer control window which displays all the necessary pages of instructions, function and parameters required to preset and measure. The screen also has the facility to operate the instrument at "two levels" of measurement, allowing the major benefit of instant selection of alternative surface analysis programs without having to change original settings.

Measurement Screen Roughness Parameter Standards
DIN 4776 (Rk)
JIS (W), JIS (A)
Multiple OP Modes Statistical Process Control

In addition to normal operation, the SE1700 can be set to measure in the modes of Average, Continuous, Curve, Partial Surface and External Control. Modes for measurements of averaging multiple results, continuous sample lengths, curve surface analysis, erasure of profile defects prior to recalculation and external control-by PC and SPC.

Real Time Recordings

Surface profile graphs can be displayed on the touch screen in real time, allowing visual assessment of the surface during set-up or measurement. Profile traces may be played back in the screen or recorded by the printer.

Click here to see sample printout

Memory of Measurement Conditions

Two individual sets of measuring data conditions may be stored in the instrument, with 16 sets stored in each memory card used. Storage procedure is simple using alphanumeric names, modifications to each program setting can be quickly made and saved.

Instrument Calibration

Calibration of the instrument is automatically carried out using the master specimen supplied. Horizontal calibration is carried out by a method based on measured waveforms taken from a known standard.

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