B-Coder Software

Professional Bar Code Graphics Generator

  • B-Coder creates high quality bar codes on screen, WYSIWYG. Not a font.
  • Add perfect bar codes to documents created with any other Windows program. Bar codes created with B-Coder print using the highest resolution of Any Printer!
  • Extremely easy-to-use menu driven setup. B-Coder automatically calculates and adds check digits for you.
  • Complete Accuracy. Bar codes created by B-Coder are 100% within spec and hence always readable.
  • Supports all common bar code symbologies. The Pro version supports over twenty symbologies including the new 2 dimensional symbology PDF417
  • B-Coder Pro fully supports auto sequencing of bar codes as well as message input from disk file.
  • B-Coder Pro also supports a command language that allows other programs to automate bar code production by DDE.
  • Install B-Coder and generate professional bar codes today!

Screen Shots:


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