Straight Cut Control for Milling, Drilling and Boring Machines
TNC 124
TNC 124

Not every machining task requires a contouring control and all the advanced features of a CNC machine - in many cases a straight cut control and the features offered on the TNC 124 are fully adequate.

With the TNC 124 you don't have to write NC programs for simple manual machining tasks. You can move the machine axes either continuously with the axis buttons, or in jog increments if you have an electronic handwheel. Or simply enter the target position in start axis motion with the touch of a key.

The TNC 124 takes into account the tool length and radius for up to 99 different tools. Standard cycles are provided for machining bolt hole circles and linear hole patterns. The machining sequence is graphically illustrated on the screen.
For more complicated machining tasks or for series production you can generate an NC program directly at the control. This is done either by keying in the positions or by transferring the actual positions directly into the program (teach-in-mode).

The TNC 124 can store up to 20 programs and a total of 2000 program blocks. If you need even more program memory, the data interface enables you to use an external storage device.

The programs you create are executed either block by block or automatically (full sequence). The feed rate override control allows you to adjust the programmed feed rate depending on the momentary machining conditions.

The TNC 124 is easy to use and features on-screen operating instructions (HELP) to assist you when you`re not sure how to proceed. Other support features include a cutting data calculator, pocket calculator and stopwatch.


  Straight cut control in panel-mounted housing for milling, drilling, and boring machines
Axes 3 controlled axes
1 non-controlled axis (for position display)
Interface to the drive 3 analog outputs 10 V;
single-axis or common drive; drives with or without backlash
Coded output of spindle speed (over PLC outputs)
1 analog output 10 V (optional)
Optional spindle override control (0 to 150%) on operating panel
Programm input HEIDENHAIN conversational format
Programm memory 20 Programs with a total of 2000 NCblocks;
Up to 1000 NCblocks per program
Position data coordinates Paraxial nominal positions in Cartesian coordinates;
Absolute or incremental dimensions, in mm or inches;
Teach-in programming
Input resolution and display step Adjustable with parameters;
Encoders with 20 m grating period: 0.001 mm to
0.1 mm (0.000 05 to 0.005 in.)
Subprogramming Program section repeats; subprograms
Fixed cycles
Bolt hole circles and linear hole patterns with graphic support
Peck drilling and tapping
Rectangular pocket milling
Datum call
Dwell time
Tool compensation Tool radius and length for 99 tools (tool table)
Datum points 99
Operating modes Manual
Traversing the machine axes
Jog increment positioning
Output of M and S codes
Datum call and setting
Probing functions for determining datum points
Electronic handwheel (optional)
  Postioning with manual data input
Traversing the machine axes
Jog increment positioning
Output of M and S Codes, and feed rates
Datum call
  Program run
For executing programs block by block or full sequence
  Programming and editing
Program management
Creating part programs
Entering nominal positions
Actual value transfer
Programming M and S functions and feed rates
Calling tool numbers and the working plane
Programming cycles
User support features
On-screen operating instructions (available immediately with the touch of the key)
Cutting data calculator
Pocket calculator
Traverse range Max. 10 000 mm (32.8 ft)
Traversing speed Max. 30m/min (1181 ipm)
  Feed rate override 0 to 150 %
Error compensation Linear and non-linear axis error compensation
Encoders HEIDENHAIN incremental linear and angle encoders
(preferably with distance-coded reference marks)
  Signal level 11 App
Reference mark evaluation After power interruption automaticdatum transfer upon crossing over encoder reference marks
Data interface RS-232-C/V.24
  Data transfer rate 38400, 9600, 4800, 1200, 600, 300, 110 baud
Integral machine axis buttons
6 axis keys
Rapid traverse
Spindle on clockwise
Spindle on counterclockwise
Spindle start
Spindle stop
Lock spindle
Unclamp tool
NC start
NC stop
Control voltage on
Visual display unit Integral flat luminescent screen, monochrom
     192 mm x 120 mm (640 x 400 pixels)
Integral PLC Switching inputs 24 V DC; 15 vacant and "control operational" input
Switching outputs 24 V DC; 15 vacant and "control operational" output
PLC cycle time 24 ms
Program memory 128 Kb EPROM
Program generation On a PC with optional PLC programming softwar
Timers 16
Counters 8
Power supply 24 V DC
Power consumption approx. 27 W
Ambient temperature Operation
0 C to +45 C (32 F to 113 F)
-30 C to +70 C (-22 F to 158 F)
Weight Approx. 6.5 kg
Optional accessories Electronic handwheels
  One HR 410 Portable unit with additional keys for machining functions
or One HR 130 For panel mounting
or up to three HR 150 For panel mounting with HRA 110
handwheel adapter (on request)

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