Displays for 2 or 3 Axes with Conversational Programming 

 ND 700 Series
Displays for 2 or 3 Axes The ND 700 series consits of display units with special features for milling and boring machines for two or three axes, or for lathes.

These models all feature conventional programming to assist the machine operator with positioning tasks and explain the special display functions.

For positioning tasks, all models have a distance-to-go display feature which allows you to quickly and reliably approach positions simply by traversing to a display value of zero.



   ND 700 series
Displays with conversational guidance and advanced features
Primarily for Milling and boring machines Lathes
Typ ND 720 ND 760 ND 710 ND 750 ND 730 ND 770
Axes X, Y X, Y, Z X, Y X, Y, Z X, Z X, Zo, Z
Display step 5 m, 1 m or finer 5 m or 1 m 5 m, 1 m or finer
Display Active axis (9 decades and sign)
dialog and input display
Features REF reference mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks

Distance-to-go mode with input of nominal positions (absolute)

Shrinkage compensation

Freezing the tool position value for back-off

Calculating the position values for hole patterns
(bolt hole circles, linear hole patterns)
Taper calculator
2 datum points, 1 tool

Probing functions for datum acquisition, primarily with the KT edge finder: "Edge", "Centerline"

2 datum points, 1 tool

Probing functions for datum acquisition with the tool: "Edge", "Centerline"

1 datum points, 9 tools
Tool radius compensation -
Axis error compensation Linear and nonlinear over 64 measuring points
Data interface V.24/RS-232-C - - - -
Switching input Two inputs: measured value output (puls and contact) - -
Operating temp. 0 C to 45 C
Weight 3 kg (6.6 lb)
Power consuption 17 W 19 W 17 W 19 W 17 W 19 W



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