6 Axes Digital Readout by Heidenhain (DRO) PT 880 / POSITIP 880

Heidenhain PT 880 POSITIP 880


  Heidenhain PT 880 Digital Readout

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 PT 880 display with conversational guidance and contextual help on a flat screen,
graphic features, program memory - by Heidenhain
The new POSITIP 880 is a versatile display unit designed primarily for milling machines, boring machines and lathes with up to 6 axes. In addition to the features offered on the ND series displays, POSITIP offers advanced capabilities. It supports all operations with straightforward interactive menus on the large, easy-to-read flat screen.

Each operating mode, work step and screen display has individualized on-screen operating instructions, often with graphic illustrations, which can be called simply by pressing the "HELP" key on the PT 880

The POSITIP is programmable and is thus suited also to small-batch production on common machine tools.

PT 880

Specifications: PT 880
Application Milling, drilling and boring machines 
Axes Up to 6 axes from A to Z 
Length gauge inputs 6x 11 APP, 1 VPP or EnDat (switchable);
Input frequency: max. 100 kHz 
Signal period 0,128 m, 2 m, 4 m, 10 m, 20 m, 40 m, 100 m, 10240 m 
Line count 9 000/18 000/36 000 
Subdivision factor Max. 1024-fold 
Display step 5 m, 2 m, 1 m, or finer
0.01 or finer 
Display Color flat-panel display for position values, dialog and entry displays, graphics functions, graphic positioning aids 
Conversational languages German, English, French 
Status display Operating mode, REF, distance-to-go, inch, scale, feed-rate display
reference-point number

Tool number and axis
tool compensation R�, R+, R0 
  • REF reference-mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go mode with nominal position input in absolute or incremental values
  • Contour monitoring with zoom function
  • Scaling factor
  • Any axis combinations
  • HELP: On-screen operating instructions
  • INFO: Calculator, stopwatch
  • 99 datum points, 99 tools
  • Probing functions for datum acquisition with the KT edge finder during back-off: "Edge," "Centerline," and "Circle Center"
  • Tool-radius compensation
  • Calculation of positions for bolt hole circles, linear hole patterns and hole surfaces
  • Positioning aids for milling and clearing rectangular pockets
  • INFO: Cutting-data calculator 
  • Programming 999 program blocks per program; subprogramming with rotating and mirroring; Teach-in (actual-position capturing)
    Straight lines, circular arcs, chamfers, bolt hole circles, linear hole patterns and rectangular pockets 
    Axis error compensation Linear and nonlinear over 128 points 
    Data interfaces Serial:

    RS-232-C/V.24; 300 to 115 200 baud

    For output of programs, measured values and parameters;

    For loading of programs and parameters

    Centronics for output of measured values 

    Switching inputs/outputs Upon request (via separate AMI I/O unit) 
    Accessories Tilting base, second operating panel
    KT 130 edge finder 
    Power supply unit 100 V to 240 V ( 15% to +10%), 50 Hz to 60 Hz (2 Hz); power consumption: 35 W 
    Operating temperature 0 C to 45 C 
    Protection IP 40, front panel IP 54 
    Weight 3.2 kg

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