Modular Rotary Encoder without Integral Bearing

ERO 1400 Series
The ERO 1400 series are miniaturized modular rotary encoders for drive shafts up to 8 mm.

The ERO 1421 and ERO 1481 feature a special integral mounting aid which centers the graduated disk to the scanning unit and sets the gap between the graduated disk and the scanning reticle.

The encoders of the ERO 1400 series are supplied with a cover cap for protection against extraneous light, contamination and electromagnetic fields.


  ERO 1421 ERO 1481
Incremental signals  TTL  1 VPP
Line count 100 to 1500 512 to 1500
Max. perm. speed (mech.) 20000 rpm
Hub inside diameter D 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm
Power supply 5V
Scanning frequency Max. 160 kHz
Cutoff frequency (-3 dB) >= 180 kHz