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rotary encoders and encoder for rotary tables

Absolute Rotary Encoders 

Absolute rotary encoders provide the position value immediately after switch-on, or after a disturbance without any axis movement. The encoder photoelectrically scans Gray-code patterns on a glass graduated disk to determine the absolute position value. In contrast to singleturn absolute encoders, which identify the angle position within one revolution, multiturn absolute encoders also distinguish several revolutions.

Absolute rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN output position values via a bidirectional synchronous-serial data interface (EnDat or SSI). The encoders also provide delay-free sinusoidal incremental signals. The EnDat synchronous-serial interface allows automatic parameterization of the subsequent electronics, and provides a monitoring and diagnostic capability.

For resolutions up to 12 bits, unit versions also exist with parallel output signals.

Selection aid: Absolute rotary encoders

Model Coupling Product family
With integral bearing Mounted stator coupling
Singleturn: ECN
Multiturn: EQN
Separate shaft coupling
Singleturn: ROC
Multiturn: ROQ



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