Incremental Rotary Encoders with Integral Bearing and Mounted
Stator Coupling

From left to right: ERN 600, ERN 1100, ERN 400, ERN 1300, ERN 1000, ERN 100
HEIDENHAIN ERN rotary encoders have an integral bearing and a stator coupling. The shaft of the ERN is connected directly to the measured shaft. During angular acceleration of the shaft the stator coupling must absorb only that torque resulting from friction in the bearing. ERN rotary encoders therefore display a high dynamic performance and high natural frequencies.

Selection aid: ERN product family

Shaft Series or model Protection
Hollow shaft Series ERN 100
ERN 400
ERN 600
ERN 1000
IP 64
IP 64
IP 40
IP 64
Stub shaft Series ERN 1100 IP 40
Taper shaft ERN 1381 IP 40



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