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Calibration Testers - Series 521, Dial Gage Testers - Series 170


The Calibration Tester is specially designed to calibrate continuous indicating accuracy of short range dial indicators, test indicators, and other electronic comparison gage heads. As the diagram shown on this page indicates, the Calibration Tester employs a horizontal beam which is pivoted at a 1 to 10 length ratio. Thus, a single turn of the micrometer head creates one tenth of the actual dimension at the anvil end. In this case, one complete rotation of the head makes the beam move 0.025 Inch. However, at the anvil top, this dimension will be converted to 0.0025 Inch. The Calibration Tester can be used with various types of measuring instruments. Some of the most common applications include: Mu-Checker Cartridge Heads, Lever Heads, Dial & Digimatic Indicators as well as Test Indicators


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