xsg-109l.jpg (7511 bytes)

 XSG-109L             $785.00

  • Achromatic and coated optics improve resolution.
  • Quadruple nosepiece with 4X, 10X, 40XR, and 100XR (retractable) objectives.
  • Wide field DIN 10X, 15X eyepieces.
  • Inter-pupilary distance adjustment from 55mm - 75mm
  • Tension-control adjustment and lock button eliminate drift.
  • 1.25NA Abbe condenser on rack and pinion for focusing.
  • Graduated mechanical stage with low position coaxial controls.
  • Built-in 20-watt halogen illuminator with light intensity control.

XSG-109LT                $950.00

  •  Trinocular version of above model

m-100fl.jpg (6443 bytes)

M-100FL Biological Microscope   $250.00

  • Fully-coated optical system improves light transmission & overall image quality.
  • 4X, 10X, 40X DIN 35mm achromatic objectives, par focal.
  • 10X eyepieces with pointer.
  • Built-in 20 watt illuminator.
  • Nosepiece with positive click stops, reliable and accurate.
  • Focus by coarse and fine adjustment, accurate & smooth.

dm-100fl.jpg (7987 bytes)

DM-100FL Biological Microscope   $370.00

  • same specification as M-100FL, but includes a video tube/port