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        Fiber optic illuminator

       IL-88-FOI or IL-22-FOI

  • Heavy duty metal construction.
  • 150W 21V halogen bulb (replacement part # IL-RA-FB).
  • See table below to determine differences.


Model Number IL-88-FOI IL-22-FOI
Power/Frequency 120VAC 60Hz 220VAC 60Hz
Fuse 2 Amps "Slo-Blo" 2 Amps "Slo-Blo"
Lamp Type EKE 21 Volt 150 Watt halogen EJA 21 Volt 150 Watt halogen
Lamp Life 200 Hrs/Min 40 Hrs/Min.*
Lamp Color Temperature 3200K (at full output) 3350K ( at full output)
Output Aperture 5/8" (.625 ID) standard 5/8" (.625 ID) standard
Dimensions 7.5"L x 7"W x 6.5"H 7.5"L x 7"W x 6.5"H
Weight 7.5 lbs. 7.5 lbs.
Warranty 1 year (except on bulb) 1 year (except on bulb)

* Longer lamp life obtainable if used at 50% output

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    Annular ring light guide

IL-97-AN or FC-AN-26

  • 36" in length.
  • High quality glass fibers.
  • Provides continuous 360 degree shadow-free uniform illumination of white light.
  • See table below to determine differences.
  • Must be used with Fiber Optic Illuminator.


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Part number A B C D
IL-97-AN 2.3" 1.1" 2.0" 3.2"
FC-AN-26 2.6" 1.5" 2.0" 3.6"
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Annular Ring Polarizer


  • Helps prevent glare reflected from specimen.

  • Annular Ring light guide needed.

  • Excellent for shiny surfaces.

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  Fluorescent ring lamp  


  • High quality fixed output.
  • 115VAC 60 Hz 12Watt bulb.
  • Simulating natural white day light, provides 360 degrees of shadow-less illumination.
  • App. bulb life is 400 hrs.


Special Notice: A ring adapter or auxiliary lens is needed for the products listed above.

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            Double Pipe Light            


  • Alternative lighting solution requiring high intensity, low temperature lighting.
  • 18" in length.
  • "Stay-put" positioning.
  • Shown with Fiber Optic Illuminator.
  • Excellent for precision lighting.
  • We also carry Single Pipe Light (FC-SP-18) 18" in length.


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             Dual Halogen Lamp             


  • "Stay-put" gooseneck arms, can be used individually or together.
  • Separate
  • Replacement bulb (IL-27-DHLB).