Third Party Softwares: 

Only AVM30, AVM300 and AVM3000 support CAD. The CAD capabilities include:

1. CAD overlay: A CAD drawing can overlay over the live image. So users can

create their drawing template for comparison. The function is under Video /

CAD Overlay

2. CAD Import: Open a CAD file to show as an image and create part program

on it. The function is under File / Import.

3. CAD Export: Save measurement, feature and edge points to CAD file. The

function is under File / Export.

All three versions support DXF format and AVM3000 also support IGS. 

AVM30, AVM300, AVM3000 currently support following third party software:

Software  Type:  Interface:  From: 
Excel Spreadsheet DDE Microsoft
123 Spreadsheet DDE Lotus
QC-CALC SPC SPC Software File Prolink Corporation

Tel: (860) 659-5928
Fax: (860) 633-7309

 STATISTICA SPC software File


Tel: (918) 749-1119
Fax: (918) 749-2217


Quality Measurement Systems Corp.

Tel: (315) 986-5710
Fax: (315) 986-2115

    ICAMP Best Fit Software DDE

Integrated Computer Assisted Manufacturing Products, Inc.

Tel: (505) 662-0030

IQ-FormFit Best Fit Software OLE or file

Integrated Quality

Tel: (614) 451-9184
Fax: (614) 451-9224