<body> <p><strong>SUBURBAN TOOL, INC.</strong></p> <p>Optical comparators and precision workholding devices, including pallet fixtures, tooling blocks, tooling plates, tooling columns, fixtures plates, modular fixturing, horizontal fixtures, subplates, machining columns, angle blocks, universal right angle irons, angle plates, box parallels, cubes, electromagnetic chucks, chuck controls, permanent magnetic chucks, round magnetic chucks, surface grinder chucks, vacuum chucks, vacuum pumps, index fixtures, sine plates, compound sine plates, magnetic sine plates, sine bars, cylinder squares, planer gages, permanent magnetic lifts, vises, sine vises, rotary vises, non-tipping parallels, steel parallels, the SineSet<sup></sup> tool system, straight edges, tri-blocks, U-Grind<sup></sup> tool kits, v-blocks, magnetic v-blocks, and more.</p> <p>For more information call toll free at 1-888-647-8665.</p> <!--Begin AddWeb Website Promoter SiteStats Code ** ONLY CHANGE ACCOUNT_NUMBER_GOES_HERE and FILE_NAME_GOES_HERE ** --> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- document.write('<a href="http://www.sitestatslive.com/cgi-bin/awss/awss6.exe?acc=20939"><img src="http://www.sitestatslive.com/cgi-bin/awss/awss6.exe?page=', escape( 'stcat\\frame_subtool_ourco.html' ) ,'&bt=1&action=stat&acc=20939&referer=',escape(document.referrer), '" border="0"></a>') //--> </script> <!--End AddWeb Website Promoter SiteStats Code--> </body>