<body> <p><strong>TAFT-PEIRCE METROLOGY</strong></p> <p>Slotted angle irons, pallet irons, box angle irons, magnetic angle irons, bench center beds, instrument bench centers, intermediate bench centers, sine block taper testing fixtures, boring mill parallels, box parallels, comparator squares, cylindrical squares, measuring irons, toolmaker's knees, leveling straight edges, permanent magnetic chucks, magnetic parallels, planer parallels, precision tri-blocks, steel parallels, 3-axis reference square, sine angle plates, sine bars, sine blocks, compound sine plates, magnetic sine plates, steel straight edges, cast-iron v-blocks, steel v-blocks, magnetic v-blocks, universal right angle irons, and more.</p> <p>For more information call toll free at 1-888-647-8665.</p> <!--Begin AddWeb Website Promoter SiteStats Code ** ONLY CHANGE ACCOUNT_NUMBER_GOES_HERE and FILE_NAME_GOES_HERE ** --> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- document.write('<a href="http://www.sitestatslive.com/cgi-bin/awss/awss6.exe?acc=20939"><img src="http://www.sitestatslive.com/cgi-bin/awss/awss6.exe?page=', escape( 'taft\\frame_taft.html' ) ,'&bt=1&action=stat&acc=20939&referer=',escape(document.referrer), '" border="0"></a>') //--> </script> <!--End AddWeb Website Promoter SiteStats Code--> </body>