NO. 9195

The Magnetic Angle Iron is an ingenious layout and inspection tool that combines the advantages of a Universal Right Angle Iron with a permanent magnetic chuck and eliminates the lost time and inconvenience of work clamping. The magnetic face can be quickly energized by a simple 90 turn of the recessed control bar, one of which is located on each end face. Once turned the work can then be held firmly in place for measuring, scribing, or indicating. By turning the control bar through a small portion of its span, the face can be slightly magnetized, so that the work may be easily adjusted by hand to final location before full holding power is applied. The Magnetic Angle Iron can then be turned on its side, back, or ends for checking the work in different positions with reference to a surface plate. The heavy supporting rib between the end faces gives the Magnetic Angle Iron great structural strength and acts as a convenient carrying handle.


The Magnetic Angle Iron is made of a special analysis iron casting thoroughly seasoned and carefully heat treated for maximum stability. It contains a rotary magnetic pack which is turned on or off by either of the control bars recessed into the end faces of the casting.


Faces, Sides & End: Square & Parallel within 0.0002"
Style No. Overall Dimensions Approximate Weight Price
Length Width Height
9195 4-3/4" 4-1/4" 6-1/2" 18 lbs. $1,388

   A single set-up on the Magnetic Angle Iron allows a precision ordinance gage to be completely checked for parallelism and squareness.

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