NO. 9204

The Intermediate Bench Center is designed to bridge the capacity gap between the Taft-Peirce Model 9203 Instrument Bench Center and the Standard No. 9205 8" swing models.

The Style 9204 may be used in either a horizontal or a vertical position as a means of rapidly and precisely inspecting small and medium sized parts machined on centers.

An unusual feature of this bench center is the center point in the headstock. It may be rotated within 0.0015" eccentric range of adjustment to bring the work piece centers perfectly parallel to the bed or surface plate on which the bench center is placed. This permits an extremely accurate reading of parallelism and concentricity in a horizontal plane. The entire unit may then be turned on end to check runout and squareness of shoulders or sides of grooves. When using the unit standing on end (vertical position) always present the gaging head square to the bed axis and in line with the axis of the headstock & tailstock centers.

The tailstock assembly is provided with a spring-loaded center which may be securely locked with a knurled knob. Locking of headstock and tailstock in position along the bed is accomplished by means of a knurled knob on the tailstock and an allen-head screw in the headstock.

For necessary balance and stability in the vertical position, the headstock should be located at the extreme left end of the bed and locked in place.


Headstock, tailstock and base of the Model 9204 Intermediate Bench Center are made of close grained cast iron, thoroughly seasoned and carefully heat treated for maximum stability. Each are machined for precise alignment of the 1/2" x 60 hardened and ground tool steel centers. The centers are parallel to the base within 0.0002" total indicator reading, square with the end pads within 0.0003" in 6 inches.

Intermediate Bench Center No.9204

Horizontal Position

Vertical Position

Style No. Overall Dimensions Maximum Work Capacity Approximate Weight Price
Length Width Height Between Centers Diameter
9204 17-3/4" 5" 5-5/8" 12" 5" 26 lbs. $2,037

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