No. 9205, 8" x 18"

Mounting, Bracket, and 0.0001" Dial Indicator are useful Bench Center accessories available at slight extra cost.

Rotating work against dial indicator to determine runout.

Taft-Peirce Bench Centers offer a fast, accurate method of inspecting work on arbors, mandrels, or directly on centers. A large number of standard and special headstock, tailstock and bed combinations are available for handling work of practically any length and diameter. Designing and Manufacturing of Special Bench Centers and special attachments are available.

Standard Bench Centers are shipped in 3 sizes with capacities of 8" x 18", 8" x  36" and 16" x 66" respectively. Beds are ruggedly proportioned with internal ribbing for maximum strength and rigidity, and are provided with four adjustable buttons for positive leveling. Alignment of head and tailstocks is maintained by keys which fit an accurately located 1/2" T-slot in the bed. This construction enables the head and tailstocks to be firmly locked at any point on the bed, and also makes it possible to equip the bed with most standard dividing heads.

The center in the headstock is fixed, while the tailstock center is held in a spring-loaded sleeve. Activating the lever mounted on the side of the tailstock retracts the tailstock center for easy work loading. When this lever is positioned fully counter clockwise, it secures the center.

The indicator mounting is keyed to the base T-slot and may be positioned anywhere between the centers and locked in place. The Indicator Bracket, attached to the Mounting by means of a universal clamp, allows the indicator to be adjusted up or down, swung 360 vertically, horizontally, or axially, and locked in any position.


Bench Centers Beds are made of close-grained cast iron, thoroughly seasoned and carefully heat treated for maximum stability. The top surface is precision ground flat within limits listed under Parts, Attachments and Accessories Heading on this page. Head and Tailstocks are close-grained cast iron, each equipped with a hardened and ground 3/4" x 60 male center. They are machined in pairs with center axes held alike for height within 0.0005". Indicator Mounting: base 3-1/4" x 7", vertical post 6-7/8" x  3/4" dia. Indicator Bracket: arm 9-1/2" x 3/8" diameter with integral clamp designed to accommodate any standard lug back dial indicator. Bracket includes universal clamp for attaching to mounting post. Dial Indicator: AGD Group 2 fitted with lug back, diameter 2-3/16", graduation 0.0001", range 0.025", dial reading 0-5-10.

Standard Bench Centers are supplied complete with ground bed, headstock, tailstock, and centers. Mounting, Bracket, and Indicator furnished at slight additional cost.

Style No. Overall Dimensions Maximum Work Capacity Approximate Weight Price
Length Width Height* Between Centers Diameter
9205-18 30" 5-1/2" 11-1/2" 18" 8" 108 lbs. $2,589
9205-36 48" 5-1/2" 12" 36" 8" 170 lbs. $2,892
9205-80 80" 7" 17" 66" 16" 625 lbs. $6,528


BEDS: Standard 30" x 5-1/2", 48" x 5-1/2" and 80" x 7" Bench Center Beds may be purchased separately for general shop use. All sizes are provided with precision ground top, milled edges, central T-slots, and four leveling buttons. Special beds, similar in design to the 30", 48" and 80" sizes are manufactured to suit customer requirements.

No. 9205 30" Bench Center Bed.
Drawing lists T-slots dimensions for standard sizes.

Bed 9205 30" 48" 80"
Flatness of Top Surface 0.0005" 0.001" 0.0015"
Price Ground $888 $1,197 $3,478
Scraped $1,154 $1,688 $4,088

Mounting & Bracket Set 8" 12" 16" 20" 24" 28" 32"
Price $517 $578 $631 $692 $750 $821 $903
Head and Tail Stocks 8" 12" 16" 20" 24" 28" 32"
Price $1,701 $2,717 $3,050 $3,420 $3,709 $4,076 $5,015

12" tailstock for a Standard Bench Center Bed

12" tailstock for a Standard Bench Center Bed
LARGE CAPACITY HEAD AND TAILSTOCKS are available to order in five standard sizes for extending the work handling capacity of Standard Bench Centers. These may be ordered as original equipment with No. 9205 Bench Centers or separately for Bench Centers already in use. In ordering, be sure that the weight of work to be swung does not exceed the rated weight capacities listed in the table below. Special Head and Tailstocks are supplied complete with 3/4" x 60 male centers, 1/2" keys, T-bolts and locking levers. Tailstocks are equipped with retractive levers.
Maximum Work Capacity Maximum Weight Capacity Between Centers
Diameter Distance Between Centers When Mounted On
30" Bed 48" Bed
12" 16" 34" 375 lbs.
16" 16" 34" 300 lbs.
20" 16" 34" 250 lbs.
24" 14" 32" 225 lbs.
28" 14" 32" 200 lbs.

Special indicator mountings and brackets supplied to order for use with above.

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