NO. 9209

Built to surface plate accuracy, this rugged Bench Center Bed may be equipped with special heavy-duty head and tailstocks or other measuring and inspecting devices. It is rigidly constructed with internal ribbing, and features a side pad for mounting accessory slides and special tooling. Both the side pad and the top are provided with a t-slot for fast aligning and clamping of inspection equipment. The bed includes four adjustable buttons for positive leveling.


No. 9209 Heavy-Duty Bench Center Bed is made of close-grained cast iron, thoroughly seasoned and carefully heat treated for maximum stability. The top surface and side pad are scraped square within 0.0003" in 6", averaging 18 bearing points per square inch. All bearing points lie between two reference planes separated by no more than 0.0003". In addition, the bearing points of any square foot of surface do not vary more than 0.0001" from the bearing points of any adjacent square foot. T-slots are straight and parallel to the intersection of the top surface and side pad within 0.0003".

SPECIAL CENTERS:  All Taft-Peirce Head and Tailstocks can be supplied to order with female centers or bull centers as required. Special centers may also be ordered singly or in pairs for Taft-Peirce Bench Centers already in use.

Style No. Length Width Height* Width Side Pad Approximate Weight Ground Scraped
9209 52" 10" 6-3/4" 4" 250 lbs. $5,540 $6,370

*Without leveling buttons NOTE: Also available with ground finish

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