Taft-Peirce Sine Blocks have been favorites with toolmakers for many years. They are heavy-duty fixtures for holding work that must be set to precise angles for layout, light machining, or inspection. Each block is equipped with a precision ground end plate that acts as a work-positioning stop, and tapped holes in the top surface and sides are provided to allow a wide variety of work-clamping set-ups.


Taft-Peirce Sine Blocks are made of high quality alloy steel, scientifically heat treated for maximum stability and wear resistance. The top working surface is precision ground flat and square with the adjacent sides and parallel to the sine rolls. The tool steel sine rolls are ground and lapped alike for diameter, roundness, and straightness, and are mounted parallel to each other at their nominal center distance within the limits specified below. All Sine Blocks are shipped packed in finished wood cases with hinged covers.

Style No. Overall Dimensions Tapped Holes Center Distance
of Sine Rolls
Approximate Weight Price
Length Width Height Commercial Class Laboratory Class
9118-5 6-13/16" 2-1/8" 2-1/8" 10-32 5" 3-1/2 lbs. $776 $1,418
9118-10 11-5/8" 4" 2-5/8" 10-32 10" 10 lbs. $1,846 -
9118-5M 136mm 50mm 51.6mm M4 100mm 1,191 kg $855 -
9118-10M 292mm 101.6mm 66.7mm M5 250mm 14,536 kg $2,216 -

NOTE: How to set up sine angle equipment. Setting constants and multipliers are available in the Toolmaker's Aids and Mathematical Tables.

TOLERANCES: Taft-Peirce Sine Blocks

Size (center distance) Working Surface Sine Rolls
Flat, square with sides and parallel within Alike, round, and straight within Parallel with each other and with working surface within Located at nominal center distance within plus or minus
5" 0.00010" 0.00005" 0.00010" 0.0002"
10" 0.00015" 0.00005" 0.00015" 0.0003"
100mm 0.00254mm 0.00127mm 0.00254mm 0.00508mm
250mm 0.00381mm 0.00127mm 0.00381mm 0.00762mm

NOTE: No. 9118-5 Sine Block is available to Laboratory Tolerances which are one-half
of those specified above. No. 9118-10 is not manufactured to Laboratory Tolerances.

All Taft-Peirce Sine Blocks are furnished in finished wood cases for safe, convenient storage.

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