The following notes explain references listed by number for certain tools appearing in this catalog. These numbered references will be found under the table of sizes in individual listings of standard tools. For additional information on equipment with special features, contact your Taft-Peirce Representative, or write direct to the plant.

Note 1 -- These tools are regularly manufactured in extra large sizes or to other customer requirements for size, tolerance and material

Note 2 -- These tools can be furnished in ground matched pairs.

Note 3 -- These tools can be furnished scraped individually or in scraped matched pairs.

Note 4 -- These tools can be furnished in matched pairs.

Note 5 -- Unless otherwise specified, when ordered scraped, these tools will not be scraped on edge faces.

Note 6 -- When ordered scraped, these tools will be scraped on all finished surfaces.

Note 7 -- Reconditioning service available for these tools.

Note 8 -- Extra Clamps and clamping screws available from stock. In ordering , give Style Number of V-Blocks.

Note 9 -- Special Surface Plates with holes, keyways, T-slots, or other alterations furnished to order.

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