Digital Cylinder Bore Gages

Cylinder Bore Gage Fowler/Bowers Digital Cylinder Bore Gages are a new innovation in bore diameter measurement. Based on our popular standard bore series, the gage now covers four different mechanical dial gage options: .00005" /.001mm, .0005" /01mm. All in a single instrument.
The display can be set to function on either inch or metric with switchable resolution, depending on the work piece tolerance. With programmable preset on "MIN value", once the gage has been set with a single button press after a sweep of the gage, the component bore size can be read from the display.
Cylinder Bore Gage Features:

Displays actual bore or comparative results (Min/Max Hold)
Direct Inch/metric conversion
Presettable to ring gage or setting master
Resolution .00005 "/.001mm, .0005 "/.01mm
Direct RS-232 output for SPC or printer
Fast checking of bores -- size, ovality, taper, etc.
Lightweight ABS gage shroud for extra protection
Tungsten carbide contact points
Thermally insulated for extra stability
Robust construction for shop floor use
2-point measuring with 3-point centering.
Ranges from 0.5" to 24" (12-600mm)

Fowler/Bowers Cylinder Bore Gages have been built on the Bowers' reputation for quality...a fast, accurate method for checking bores. Originally designed for engine rebore use, these bore gages have since been developed into a universal, wide range, two point internal measuring system suitable for many applications.

For the price conscious, the excellent quality of design and manufacture can be found in out standard series mechanical bores gages.

Longer or shorter stem lengths are available for special applications. Deep bores in excess of 10 feet (3m) can be realized. Prices quoted upon request.

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