DepthMatic Mark II

Portable Electronic Depth Gage


The new Fowler/Bowers DepthMatic, a fast slide-action depth gage, gives rapid, accurate and easy to read depth measurements. It can be set to display either .00005" (.001mm) or .0005" (.01mm) resolution depending on work piece tolerance.

A variety of measurements other than simple length or depth can be made with the use of optional changeable contact points for right angle and groove measuring.

Depthmatic Features:
  • Patented Sylvac Measuring System
  • Two preset memories
  • Resolution to 0.00005" (0.001mm)
  • Tolerance limit mode
  • Min/Max/tir mode.
  • Direct RS232C output
  • Includes 1/2", 1", 2" and two 4" rods

DepthMatic Ordering Information
54-275-065 12"(300mm) DepthMatic with 2.5" base and 5 rods
54-275-100 12"(300mm) DepthMatic with 4" base and 5 rods
DepthMatic Accessories
54-275-200 8"(200mm) Extension Base
54-275-300 12"(300mm) Extension Base
54-275-080 .080" Ball Groove Contact Point
54-275-011 Needle Point Contact
54-275-012 Flat Contact
54-115-333 Computer connecting kit

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