Optimes in Process Gauging

 The Sylvac Optimes DP20 is a non-contact infrared micrometer which allows for the measuring of outside dimensions and the position of moving or static parts with a high accuracy and excellent repeatability.
Thanks to a modular concept suited for the industrial environment, the field of application is very wide, such as: industrial process automation, on site quality control, etc. Directly integrated on a machine or connected to a programmable device, it allows to automate an industrial process. Connected with the display unit D-100 or D232 5, it can be used as a conventional measuring station.

The OptiMes DP20 has no moving parts, thus insuring no wear, no maintenance and is not sensitive to vibrations. A solid state IR light source is perfectly collimated through an optical system with high degree of correction, to make measurements independent of axial position of the object in the light beam. The receiver is CCD based. The performances of the receiver are enhanced by a special optics, also acting as a diffused light filter.

System Features:

Connects to standard display units D100 or PC
Automatic dimensional control for production line
Works in heavy duty industrial environment
No laser source, no safety requirements
No need for special positioning, no focusing
Emitter and receiver can be separated up to 500 mm.
Range up to 20mm with 1 head and unlimited with 2 heads

OptiMes Applications:

Run-out (TIR)

Pitch measure
Stroke length
Profile band

Edge position
Process control
SPC tolerance

Sensor Type Model Properties
DP20C Sensor with cylindrical optical receiver Allows to optically integer the measure on a 3mm range measurement range from 0.8 to 20mm. Recommended for non-punctual measurements less sensitive on surface structures and impurities (dust etc.).
DP20P Sensor with planar optical receiver. Punctual measurement: measuring range 0.1 to 20mm. Recommended for punctual measurements and small pieces.

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