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VM 182
Owners and manufacturers of machine tools need measuring systems that provide detailed information on machine accuracy with a minimum of time spent on mounting and adjustment. The following measuring systems can satisfy these requirements:
The KGM Grid Encoder for performing circular interpolation tests with small radii and curved path tests, to inspect primarily the dynamic performance of a control
The DBB Double Ball Bar — a telescoping double-ball-bar linear encoder for performing circular interpolation tests with large radii to inspect primarily the machine tool geometry
The VM 182 Comparator System for measuring the positioning accuracy, repeatability, and guideway error of linear axes on manual and CNC-controlled machines
To connect these measuring systems to a PC, HEIDENHAIN offers the IK121 and IK220 counter cards for insertion in AT-compatible PCs.

HEIDENHAIN offers ACCOM Evaluation Software for PCs for measured value acquisition and evaluation according to ISO 230-2 and 230-4 as well as the VDI/DGQ directive 3441. Accom 2.5.3 runs on all AT-compatible PCs: IK121 (W95/98/ME) or IK220 (W95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0).



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