Heidenhain absolute enocders linear encoder for digital readouts

Incremental Modular Rotary Encoders without Integral Bearing

From left to right: ERO 1400, ERO 1200, ERO 1300, ERM 180
ERO incremental modular rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN consist of a disk/hub assembly and a scanning unit. They were conceived particularly for applications with limited mounting space or when all friction must be avoided.

HEIDENHAIN's ERM incremental rotary encoders consist of a magnetized circumferential scale drum and a scanning unit with magnetoresistive sensor. Typical applications include machines and systems with large hollow-shaft diameters where protection from dust and splashwater is required.

Selection aid: ERO and ERM product families

  Series or model Protection
Disk/hub assembly (radial grating on glass) Series ERO 1200
ERO 1300
ERO 1400
IP 00
IP 00
IP 40
Scale drum
(magnetized axial grating)
ERM 180 IP 66



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