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100S for Milling 200S for Milling
100S for Turning 200S for Turning
100S for Grinding/General Use 200S for Grinding/General Use

VRO 300M for Milling

VRO 300T for Turning


At ACU-RITE, we learned that you wanted a readout system that provides you with greater flexibility, increased productivity, easy feature access, better accuracy and improved workpiece quality. We applied what we learned and put your wants and needs first.

The result...ACU-RITE's complete family of operator-friendly readout systems...the new 200S and 100S readouts. These new readouts, along with the current VRO 300 Series, combine with the all new SENC 50, SENC 150 and ENC 125 precision glass scale linear encoders to once again set the standard for readout systems.

Acu-Rite is the market leader for digital readout systems in North America, and has consistently set DRO design standards for nearly 50 Years!  The heart of ACU-RITE's new product design is the 200S for All Manual Machine Tool Applications.  The major innovation of the 200S DRO consoles is the crystal clear LCD display which replaces the traditional LED and VFD display technology still used by others.  All new 200S consoles have 5.7", 320x240 resolution transmissive LCD displays, the latest in flat screen technology.

Major benefits of this display technology are that users can now configure the console for a 2- or 3-axis display and can set the application software for milling, turning, grinding or general use according to their needs.  This versatility obsoletes the expensive need for users to buy multiple application-specific consoles. 

Backed by a Hassle-Free 3 Year Warranty, ACU-RITE readout systems were designed and are manufactured in the United States at ACU-RITE's ISO-9001 registered facility, with worldwide support provided by a factory-trained and certified distribution network












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