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Glastonbury Gage has been manufacturing gages for over decades. Southern Gage, now know as GSG GAGE has two main manufacturing facilities in the USA. Glastonbury Gage offer's standard off the shelve gages or per your prints, custom gage work. Glastonbury Gage also offers expediting  services as well. If your looking for Southern Gage Style rings, look no further. Glastonbury Gage has  A2LA Calibration Services in house available


Thread Ring Gages Metric Thread Gages Plain Plug and Ring Gages Cylindrical Gages & Master Discs Tri-Rolls & Thread Comparators


Glastonbury offers Surveillance Masters For Micrometers, Calipers, and Depth Micrometers


We offer ring gages, plug gages, ring gage, Fast Delivery For ACME gauges, cylindrical gages, setting rings, threaded plug gages    Glastonbury Gage  & Southern Gage  merged to form Glastonbury Southern Gage or GSG
- Custom Gage Manufacturing Available -


About Glastonbury Gage

What's New From Us

Variable Thread Gaging

Tri-Roll Comparator

STC Comparator

IT Comparator





Zero Spindles
CMM Master Gage


Z Axis Check

Surveillance Masters For:  Micrometers
Calipers and Depth Micrometers



Venire caliper Master for Calibration
Depth Micrometer

Southern Gage Rings

AGD Threads

Thread Plugs

Tapered Threads

Cylindrical Gages



Taper Gage


GSG Products

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Thread Plugs Thread Rings
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Cylindrical Plugs Cylindrical Rings
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Zero Spindles
Zero Spindle Fixtures
Tri Roll Gages
QuikChek8.jpg (57246 bytes)
DiaMet Systems Quik Chek




Threaded Gages Price List

Metric Thread Gage Price List

Pin Gage Price List

Step Gage Price List

Pin Gage Library Set Price List

Plain Ring Gage Price List

Cylindrical Gages & Master Discs 

Plug Gage Price List

Thread Set Plugs Price List

Metric Plug Gage Price List














Go No Go Gage Concepts
Fixed Limit Gaging Concepts
Plug Gage Design
Plug Gaging & Holes

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