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Max. perm. errors The term “max. perm. errors” is used in compliance with the new specifications of international standards. * The max. perm. errors include the errors of the measuring element as well as the deviations in flatness and parallelism of the measuring faces and the errors due to the flexure of the frame.

Patent in 1899 for a mechanical direct reading micrometer. The product was manufactured on a large scale and marketed successfully by the two partners. Today, Brown & Sharpe continues to make external micrometers with the same features. Shown here are some early examples of Brown & Sharpe’s precision hand tools; many such ex am ples can still be found in good working order some 100 years later. Today, new and innovative products like the MICROMASTER® line of digital micrometers con tinue this amazing tradition. The first micrometer was patented by the French inventor Jean Laurent Palmer in 1848 as “calibre à vis et à vernier circulaire” (screw caliper with a circular vernier)

The introduction of the micrometer to the industrial world came about by the visit of two American engineers, Joseph R. Brown and Lucian Sharpe to the Paris Exhibition in 1867. At that time, their attention was drawn to Palmer’s invention, which greatly interested them. After making some improvements to the design, Brown & Sharpe received a U.S.



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