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Size XY Assistant Software - For Trimos/Sylvac Gages 3.0Mb New Sylvac Opto-232 Output Program (Windows) 1.6Mb Labview VI Library for Opto-232 Instruments 425Kb Labview VI Librarys for Wyler Level Instruments 375Kb GageWedge Software for Opto-232 Instruments 220Kb Fowler Catalog 2200 Prices in ASCII, Excel & PDF 407Kb Visual Basic source for interfacing Opto-232 gages 5Kb Program For Calculating Thread Sizes 454Kb SPC Express Windows Eval (95/98/ME/NT/2K) 3Mb
vwin.exe V-Series & Z-Cal Tolerance Program 951Kb V-Series & Z-Cal Report Maker 681Kb Software Wedge Templates for Excel - Statistics 129Kb Excel Gage Repeatabilty & Reproducibility Template 50Kb Old Sylvac Opto-232 Output Demo Program (DOS) 232Kb Old Sylvac Opto-232 Output Demo Program (WIN) 113Kb Trimos Vertical III File Manager (DOS) 110Kb Trimos Vertical III File Manager (Windows) 220Kb BCoder Barcoding Software Working Demo 653Kb Sylvac Ultra-Cal III Instructions for Use (PDF) 56Kb Code snippets for Instrument RS-232 interfacing 18Kb Fowler-Gageport Interface Setup Program 345Kb