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This FAQ is for technical questions our technical support staff gets on a regular basis. If you have a tech question that is not addressed here, click the support button at the bottom of the page and leave a message, we will try to answer it ASAP!

Q: What's the easiest way to get data from the gages into my PC?
A: An easy one, and probably our most asked question. If it is a RS-232 gage as most of ours are, then the answer is also very easy. Just purchase the correct cable, and use our Software Wedge program that will enable you to insert data from RS-232 gages into any Windows or DOS program such as Excel or Lotus 123. It will also work with ANY gage or instrument that has RS-232 output such as balances and lab equipment!

If you are a programmer, then you can easily write a Basic or VB program to take data from the gage into your application. You may want to check out our code snippets to get started. New VB source code!

Q: I have more than one gage, how do I hook them all up...?
A: We have a variety of Multiplexer's for the various gages, but the best and easiest to configure is our Gageport NT. This will allow either two or four simultaneous gage connections, and can be stacked to allow up to 32 inputs on a single COM port. The Gageport will let you hook ANY manufacturers gage such as Fowler, Mitutoyo, Brown & Shape, SPI and Starrett gages into your PC

The Gageport is fully compatible with our Software Wedge and supported by almost every Statistical Process Control package such as our SPC Express on the market. Analog and BCD versions of the Gageport are also available.

Q: I have the serial gages and cables... How do I setup the Wedge?
A: Good Question, Try our handy QuickStart Guide... It should answer most of the questions and procedures when working with the Software Wedge. If you still have trouble, contact the Fowler Technical Support Staff @ 800.788.2353

Q: Do you have a Macintosh Version of the Software Wedge?
A: Currently, no... We are kicking around the idea and if we get enough requests than we may do this...

Q: What is the difference between the Ultra Digit IV and V?
A: The Ultra Digit Mark V adds Tolerancing, Min/Max/TIR, Preset Recall, Selectable Hi/Lo Resolution and Bi-Directional RS232 capability. It is currently the most capable and advanced electronic indicator on the market.

Q: What are the output specs of your gages?
A: Depends on the gage. This table will describe the various formats:

Gage Type Gage Output
  • All Sylvac Calipers
  • Ultra Height Gage
  • Ultra Digit Mark IV
  • Euro-Height Gage
  • Data: 4800 Baud, Even Parity, 7 Bits, 1 Stop Bit
    Format: 00.00000[CR] or 00.0000[CR]
    Note: Data Format depends on the gage resolution
    Cable: 54-100-333 OptoRS Connection Kit
  • Bowers/Sylvac Mk. II
  • Bowers HoleMatic
  • Ultra-Digit Mark V
  • Mini Vertical II
  • Data: 4800 Baud, Even Parity, 7 Bits, 2 Stop Bits
    Format: 00.00000[CR]
    Note: Duplex (bi-directional) Gage
    Cable: 54-100-333 OptoRS Connection Kit
  • V Series Hite Gages
  • Z_Cal Hite Gages
  • Z_Cal 600 XT
  • Data: 4800 Baud, Even Parity, 7 Bits, 2 Stop Bits
    Format: 00.00000[CR]
    Note: Duplex (bi-directional) Gage
    Cable: Standard RS-232 DB-9
  • Trimos Vertical III
  • Trimos Telma
  • Trimos Tel
  • RS-232 Selectable Baud, Parity, Data and Stop Bits
    Format: 00.00000[CR] or 00.0000[CR]
    Cable: 54-190-555 Lemo Mini DIN to DB9 Cable
  • Sylvac D-80 Amp
  • Sylvac D-100(s) Amp
  • Trimos Tulm
  • Trimos THV
  • Trimos Horizon
  • RS-232 Selectable Baud, Parity, Data and Stop Bits
    Format: Depends on function
    Note: Duplex for remote functions
    Cable: RS-232 DB-9 or DB-25 Connector
  • Digital Twin Hardness
  • Micro Hardness
  • RS-232 Selectable and Centronics Parallel
    Format: 00.00 + Unit Indication
    Cable: RS-232 DB-25 or Parallel Cable
  • All Max-Cal Calipers
  • All Digitrix I & II Mics
  • Serial BCD - Requires GagePort Interface
    Format: 00.00000[CR] or 00.0000[CR]
    Cable: GagePort Cable 54-360-003
  • Wyler Clino2000
  • Wyler MiniLevel NT
  • Wyler Zerotronic
  • RS-485 Serial - 9600,N,8,1
    Format: 00.00.00[CR] or Units Selected
    Note: Up to 64 Devices can share the RS-485
    Cable: Special - Contact Fowler

    Q: How can the PC request data from a gage?
    A: A couple of ways... See the list below...
    Simplex Gages: Drop the DTR line for 100ms. This will initiate a transfer. Don't forget to raise the DTR line for the next transfer!
    Duplex Gages: Send an ASCII "?" with a [CR] or send the 3 character memonic "PRI" with a [CR]... Note: do not send the quotes!

    Examples for both Visual Basic and Pascal can be found in out download Area