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Gageport NT Universal Gage Interface

 Gageport NT Harnessing the power and intelligence of its new micro-computer allows the GagePort NT to interface with virtually any digital gages from virtually every instrument manufacturer. This includes micrometers, calipers, indicators and all other digital hand tools. The GagePort NT is the worldwide standard interface.
 Automatic gage Identification. Gage- Port NT can automatically identify most common gages, determining their type and model. Each gage is then assigned a 2-digit ID number which is sent with the reading and used by the host to identify individual gages. You do not have to bother with visual identification or manually setting switches. Gage selection is also downloadable into the GagePort NT memory so you can add support for new gages with simple software updates.

 RS-232 Support. It also supports all RS-232 gages such as scales and balances. Function enhancements include variable Baud rate, Search and Send characters, Dynamic and Multiple Characteristic modes. New built-in diagnostics help you quickly troubleshoot communications between gages and computers.

 2 Models now available. Both two and four-channel gage models are available, allowing you to connect either two or four gages to each GagePort NT. Up to 8 Gageports can be ganged together, allowing a maximum of 32 simultaneous instruments into a single PC communications (COM) port.

 Two modes for flexible data collection. In the dynamic mode, GagePort NT reports 3 types of measurements over time: minimum (MIN) readings, maximum (MAX) readings and TIR (Total Indicator Runout). Once the part is in place, the operator presses the footswitch once to initiate sampling, then a second time to end sampling and send the readings to the host. Two internal buffers capture MIN and MAX readings as quickly as the gages can send them.

In the static mode, the operator takes single gage readings, sending data to the host by pressing the footswitch or the gage's Send button. GagePort NT's built-in counter sequentially numbers the readings for easier identification.

 Compatible with any host computer. GagePort NT converts electronic gage output into standard ASCII format for data collection or analysis on any host computer, including PCs, mainframes, and mini-computers that use either GageTalker or third-party software. Our Software Wedge, Fowler's new universal interface software, allows GagePorts to send readings directly into existing DOS and Windows programs, without modification,

If you would like more information or a flyer on the GagePort NT, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.