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Fowler UL Mk. II Series Calipers

Fowler UL Caliper Fowler/Sylvac's line of light weight heavy duty electronic digital calipers include ranges to 72" (3 meters). This has been achieved by designing a well balanced instrument utilizing state-of-the-art material technology. Functional parts are made of the latest wear-resistant materials.
For example, the main beam is a hardened stainless steel box construction filled with aerospace grade epoxy resin for stability, strength and lightness. All measuring surfaces are gold titanuim coated for longest life. Constant measuring pressure control ensures even measuring force and parallel pressure on the jaws. This is particularly important with large calipers, since measuring pressure plays an important part when checking large parts.

UL Series Caliper Specifications:

Ranges from 12" (300mm) to 72" (3 meters)
Hold feature freezes display for later viewing
Incremental floating zero & preset
Moveable end jaw can be adjusted for balance
Large, high-contrast LCD display
Lithium wafer battery 5000 hrs. of continuous on time
Direct inch/metric conversion
Direct RS232C output connects tool SPC or printer
Special application accessories available
Includes fitted wooden case
External Jaws: Length = 6"(150mm)
Internal Jaws: Length = .71" (18mm)
Jaw material: Titanium coated stainless steel
Measuring Speed = 60 "/1.5m per second
Weight 2.5 -- 3.5 Lbs. (1.15 -- 1.6 Kg)

UL Calipers Special Applications:
 A wide variety of internal and external measuring anvils can be fixed to the UL calipers to accomodate a many special measuring applications such as splines, gears, grooves, bosses and depths. Please contact our technical department for info.

Advantages over conventional calipers:
  1. Lightness improves measuring results.
  2. Moveable jaws (plus better balance).
  3. Measuring pressure control.
  4. All new features' patents pending.
  5. Work faces are titanium-coated on stainless.

If you would like more information or a flyer on the UL Series Calipers, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.