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Manual indexable Probe Body

Show with Probe P1-5A (not included)

Fowler's new PB-MI is a universal manually indexable CMM Probe body. Supplied with a internal M8 thread it can accept nearly any touch probe. The unit can rotate through 360 in the B axis and 0-90 in the A axis - in 15 increments for a total of 168 repeatable positions.

Made in the USA, the PI-MI's ability to accept standard M8 threaded touch trigger probes make it a very cost effective and versatile unit - All at a price well below the competition!

Fowler PB-MI Probe Body Features:

Compatible with Any M8 Threaded Touch Probe!
A-Axis Indexing 0-90 in 15 increments

B-Axis Indexing: 180 in 15 increments (360)
Index Position Repeatability: 1.5um
Probe Status Indicator: 1 Red LED
Probe Mounting: M8 Socket
Shank mounting: 3/8", 14mm, 20mm, Specials
Output: TTP compatible (Standard)
Connector: 5 Pin DIN (180)
Supplied in Molded Storage Case

Front view of PB-MI showing A and B axis indications and probe status LED. A 3/8" quill shank is shown mounted

Left Side view of the
PB-MI with a P1-5A touch probe mounted. Note the
5 pin DIN connector for host cmm hookup.
(touch probe & styli not included)

If you would like more information or a flyer on the CMM Probes, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office. Click here to view PDF - Right click to download