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Pocket Surf
Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Feature packed,compact and economically priced, Fowler ’s Pocket Surf portable surface roughness tester is the perfect instrument for making traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces including small inside diameters.

Use the Pocket Surf for a variety surface roughness measurements including flat, inside/outside diameters and many difficult to gage surfaces.

Robustly constructed, featuring a durable cast aluminum housing, and designed for shop or laboratory use, the Pocket Surf will provide years of reliable and accurate surface finish gaging. The Pocket Surf is also designed to take measurements from a variety of positions and several angles. It works on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and can even be used upside down. For versatility it operates in four probe positions —extended, closed, or with the probe at 90 ,180 or 270

The optional height stand holds the Pocket Surf both vertically and horizontally, perfect for taking easy measure-ments on any suitable, flat working surface. The Pocket Surf System also has a wide variety of optional probes and fixtures.
Pocket Surf Parameters & Features

Ra Average Roughness
Ry Maximum Roughness Depth
Rmax Maximum Roughness Depth ((DIN)
Rz ((Rtm)Mean Roughness Depth (DIN)

Meets ANSI, ISO, DIN & MIL Specifications
Convenient digital display located on top
Easy to read LCD readout
Roughness in microinches or micrometers
Out of range (high or low) Indicator
Battery Low ”indicator
RS-232 Output for SPC applications
Works on standard 9V Alkaline
Includes fitted case, standard & probe
Made in the USA

Pocket Surf Specifications:

Overall Dimensions:

Approx.5.5"x 3"x 1"
(140mm x 76mm x 25mm)
Traverse Speed .2"(5.08mm) per second
Weight: 14 oz.(435g) Cutoff .030"(0.8mm) ANSI 2RC filter
Measuring Ranges Ra-1 µ"to 250 µ"(.03 µm to 6.35 µm)
Ry-8 µ"to 999 µ"(.2 µm to 25.3 µm)
Rmax*-8 µ"to 999 µ"(.2 µm to 25.3 µm)
Rz*-8 µ"to 999 µ"(.2 µm to 25.3 µm)
Digital Readout LCD; 3 digit; "Battery Low" signal,"H"&"L"(out-of-range measured values)
Display Resolution 1 µ"(.01 µm) Probe Type Piezoelectric
Accuracy Meets ANSI-B46.1,ISO,DIN & MIL Power 9 volt battery
Max. Stylus Force 1500mfg/15.0mN Capacity Approx.3000 measurements
Operating Temp. 50 ° to 113 °F (10 ° to 45 °C) Storage Temperature -4 ° to 149 °F (-20 ° to 65 °C)
*per DIN 4768.Note that the .0002"(5 µm)stylus radius must be used to measure these parameters.

Parameter Traverse Length Evaluation Length Number of Cutoffs
Ra/Ry .075"(2.0mm) .030"(0.8mm) 1
.135"(3.5mm) .090"(2.4mm) 3
Ra/Rz/Rmax .195"(5.0mm) .150"(4.0mm) 5

If you would like more information or a flyer on our Pocket Surf System, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.