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Fowler's new QMSOFT Software is an easy to use, powerful calibration control package for all your tool management and instrument calibration needs. This intrinsic system allows for both the Inspection AND management of all your dimensional standards and test instruments.

QMSOFT is a modular product, allowing the lab to easily create a custom system for their particular needs. All tolerancing and standards information is built-in, according to ANSI/ASME, DIN, ISO, BS and AS standards.

Developed in accordance with ISO9000+, Z-540 and B1.1-1.2 compliance, QMSOFT works with a wide variety of calibration instruments, and generates fully customized laboratory certifications for delivery to the customer or to outside labs.

By far the most advanced and comprehensive package in it's class, the QMSOFT family brings real-time calibration, standards and practices to your lab.

QMSOFT Features:

Easy to learn and use program. Modular to fit individual needs.
Gauge Management & Inspection in one package.
Calibration sequences and inspection procedures built-in.
Keeps all calibrations, history and traceability information.
ANSI/ASME, DIN, ISO, BS and AS standards included.
Supports most calibration instruments including the LabConcept .
Runs under ALL Windows versions including Windows 95, 98 2000 and NT.
Industry Standard Borland database integration.
QMSOFT's comprehensive screen layouts allow quick access to all the measurement functions. Let's you conduct gage management and quality audits right on your computer.

QMSOFT Inspection Screens give detailed layouts and procedures for calibrations, inspection records, and to create new calibration events. It takes you through every part of the calibration procedure.

QMSOFT's real power is its flexibility, it adjusts to your business so you don't have to. The modular approach allows you to have only the systems you need

The ability to store and maintain procedure data and standards traceability assures ISO-9000/2000 & Z-540 & B1.1-1.2 conformance both now and in the future.

Note: click on the icons to see various screen shots...
QMSOFT Modules:

QM-MANAGER- Calibration Management System
QM-PLAIN - for checking plain plug gages and plain ring gages
QM-THREAD - for checking threaded plug & ring gages
QM-CALIPER- for all types of calipers, id,od, depth, internal & external
QM-MICRO- for all types of mics, id,od, depth, internal & external
QM-DIAL- for all types of dial gauges, test, drop, comparator & relative
QM-PIN- for pin gage measurement, certification & calibration
STANDARDS - To manage your standards (included).

Other Calibration modules such as Gage Blocks and Scales are available on special request.


If you would like more information or a flyer on QMSOFT, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.