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SPC Express for Windows

SPC Express for Windows is a fast, easy-to-use, professional statistical process control package. A true 32 bit application it was designed to be used by both novices and experts alike. It runs on IBM compatible PC's using the Windows 95 or Windows NT operating system.
The SPC Express Family of Software has been in use since 1983 in a variety of industries, such as automotive, plastics, aerospace, and food processing. Its popularity is largely due to its speed and intuitive operation. This new Windows version of SPC Express is an exciting addition to our product line.

SPC Express for Windows is a very practical package for use right out on the shop floor. Data entry is simple, using either the keyboard or electronic gages. The on-screen charts are updated automatically and very easy to read.

Note: click on the icon anytime to see a screen shot...

SPC Express Features:
Standard Windows GUI Interface.
Open up to 100 Parts & Characteristics on the screen at one time. 
All traceability fields can be customized for data entry, searching, and reporting.
Versatile data entry from the keyboard or electronic gages with immediate plotting of new data points. Using the "predefined keyboard data entry" feature helps minimize typing and keystroke errors. 
Uses a Microsoft Access compatible database for maintaining records of your shop floor data and inspection information.
Query based reporting engine lets you display or print all SPC charts based on almost any criteria such as all subgroups for a given job number, for a specific month.
Variable charts including X-Bar R, Individuals & Moving Range, Moving Average & Moving Range, Histograms and more!
Attribute charts including P, U, N, C and Pareto charts
Graphical scrolling forward and back through your process charts.
While viewing a process chart, you can click on any subgroup point to pop-up a user-definable detailed view of its contents.
On-screen Print Preview with zoom and scrolling capability. 
Universal network compatibility. (Requires a license for each workstation)
Users can view any of their own drawings or instruction sheets for the selected part and characteristic.
Easy-to-read Help screens and User's Manual with a tutorial that will have you up and running in minutes.

Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc. is known for providing our users with great technical support. Our tech support lines are handled by engineers who not only know our software, but know PC hardware, communications interfacing, and excel at operating system troubleshooting. In addition to our free telephone support, we also provide electronic support via email on the Internet. We also offer on-site installation, training and startup assistance.

Computer Requirements
Min. 486 or Pentium Desktop or Notebook
16 MB RAM, 32 MB recommended
VGA monitor, color recommended
Hard Disk or Network Drive
3.5" Floppy Disk Drive or CD-ROM
102 Key Keyboard
Mouse (highly recommended)
Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT
Color Printer (recommended)

Reports and Graphs
X-Bar / Range Charts
X-Bar / Sigma Charts
Rainbow Charts
Individual/Moving Range Charts
Moving Average/Moving Range Charts
P, U, N, C Charts
Pareto Charts
On-screen Print Preview of all charts

A free upgrade policy accompanies our
SPC Express for Windows Software!

(nominal fee charged for major version upgrades)

If you would like to download a trial version of SPC Express for Windows, you can click here. Note: the file is approximately 3 megabytes and you must have Windows 95, 98 or windows NT 4.0 to run it! You can also get this demo from our Files area...

If you would like more information on our SPC Express for Windows, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.